Draper Thomas Caddy


As retailers push for 24/7 opening and no penalty rates, we remember that the Drapers Association, who represented large retailing employers such as David Jones, Farmers and Anthony Hordern and Sons (just up the road from Sydney Trades Hall) was established with the explicit purpose of making EARLY CLOSING mandatory in the sector. He was, in the same year, elected as Chairman of the 3rd Inter-colonial Trades’ Union Congress



shoppiesThe Vice President of the Association, THOMAS CADDY, was held in very high regard by the Sydney Trades and Labour Council, so much so that he was elected President in 1885. This employer body was a key affiliate of the TLC, and Caddy was an original member of the Trades Hall Committee, established initially to find a site for a Trades Hall, and then charged with getting it built. Remember it was a TRADES hall.
The Drapers had been pushing for early closing since the 1840s. Early closing initially aimed to have stores closed at 7.00pm in summer and 6.00pm in winter. Read more of this in Labour History no 110, May 2016




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