Eureka Knee Board

“Trades Hall has just become the proud owner of a knee board. Why you may ask? Secretary of the Tamarama Surf Lifesaving Club, Shay Deguara, explains:

“Please find a donation from the Tamarama SLSC in the form of the Eureka Knee Board.

Despite some disagreement regarding the true meaning of the Eureka Flag and what it means we have taken it to mean the following.

Australia’s surf culture is a rebel culture that has often pushed against the normal grain of Australia’s Conservative culture. This is much like the union movement who without a fight would have nothing. The Eureka Board is a symbol of the fruits of these struggles in that through collective efforts we have been able to achieve public holidays, annual leave, weekends which we can enjoy whilst resting or recreating at the beach. The Tamarama SLSC like all Surf Life Saving Clubs enjoys this culture and is reliant on volunteers getting time off work to undertake their community service. Thank you to trade unions for giving us this privilege and our weekends. “


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