A Virtual Tour of Sydney Trades Hall

Follow these links to get the story of how and why Sydney Trades Hall was built,  tales of the many people who have worked here, and the stories behind some of the objects we hold

smedley original sketch Daily Telegraph

The entrance from Goulburn and Dixon Streets


Trades Hall and the Eight-hour Movement


Trades Hall Vestibule

Trades hall stairs lift after refurb

Trades Hall Foyer: at the lift and main stairs

trades hall ground floor corridor





Ground Floor Corridor






trades hall auditorium BWIU 1960s anti nuclear

The Auditorium

trades hall atrium look down evening may 2019

Atrium and Sussex St entrance


Trades Hall Heritage Space

th library empty

First Floor and Library

banner room 27 1988 reopening vince higgins lorna morrison

Lorna Morrison Exhibition Room

4 comments on “A Virtual Tour of Sydney Trades Hall

  1. Fantastic! I love the commentary on this virtual tour, it’s conversational and almost as good a walking around with a living guide. Thanks to all involved for sharing the rich history of Trades Hall in this way.


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